Typically, the indoor units are seven inches deep and housed in white jackets that look sleek.

Compact design and the ability to mount these units high on the wall or even on the ceiling allow for almost endless possibilities of design. Operation is simple and convenient, allowing temperature change, or switching from cooling to heating, with the simple touch of a remote button on a remote. System operation is no louder than a soft hum, and you'll save money on energy costs because it uses less power than a conventional air conditioner. The energy waste associated with ductwork will also be avoided.

Room-by-room temperature control is the real benefit of a mini split system. The air handlers condition the room they are installed in, and they each have their own thermostat. Only those areas that are occupied are heated or cooled, and rooms are customized to individual preferences, resulting in lower energy use. While most forced air systems do not have zoned conditioning or are extremely complicated, a mini split system is more user-friendly than your remote control of television.

Long lasting products and exceptional service ensure your ductless HVAC system will keep you comfortable all year long!As a American Standard Dealer, the team from Casper Tin Shop is held to exacting standards of customer service, business practices, and expertise. Continued factory training keeps us ahead of industry advancements. Extensive in-field experience and product knowledge qualifies our certified technicians in the specialized installation of ductless mini splits. These modern systems should always be installed, serviced, and repaired by licensed HVAC professionals with a solid background in ductless technology. Proper sizing and installation is critical.
Your service technicians from Casper Tin Shop will perform a load calculation to determine correct size for each indoor unit, and also the best location in each room. An oversized or incorrectly placed air handler will result in shortened cycles, costing more to purchase and operate.

Our commitment to quality and service guarantees great results. Whether you require the design and installation of a new system, replacement of outdated equipment, comprehensive maintenance, or lasting repair, Casper Tin Shop gets the job done right. Our factory trained technicians are always available when you need us. We offer 24-hour Emergency Service in Casper, Wy and surrounding areas, answering your call for assistance with prompt, long-term, and economical solutions. Call us anytime!